Catching up with Louisiana stars: Terrence Magee

Terrence Magee

Terrence Magee, running back for the Cleveland Browns, has been taking care of business ever since his backyard football days in Louisiana. After quarterbacking Franklinton High’s first state championship team, he went on to become a “fiery leader” and a “tough and durable” running back for LSU. He also wore the special #18 jersey that is reserved for the LSU player with the most leadership. Next caught up with the football star in mid-September.

Next: Have you always loved football?

TM: Actually, baseball was my first love. I only started playing football because my neighbors always played football in the yard, and they told me I had to start playing football if I wanted to keep coming over. So I got my mom to sign me up.

Next: What was the coolest thing about playing in the 4A state championship?

TM: Seeing my teammate Reggie Wilson score the winning touchdown in the Superdome.

Next: Tell us about being honored with the #18 jersey for LSU.

TM: It meant the most because it was voted on not just by coaches and teammates but by the equipment staff and the guys in the weight room and training room. Also because Brandon Taylor—who is from Franklinton and played in the NFL and is someone I look up to—wore the #18 before me.

Next: What is a favorite memory from LSU?

TM: My freshman year when we played Alabama for the national championship in “The Game of the Century.” I didn’t play that year, but just to be a part of it and see what it took to get to a national championship was amazing.

Next: Who are your role models?

TM: I get my discipline from my parents. They never miss work, and they’re always on time. I used to hate going places with them because we would always show up everywhere an hour early!

Next: Do you play fantasy football?

TM: No. I would probably be terrible at it! I would probably pick players just because I know them and like them.

Next: What do you do for fun?

TM: I love fishing and deer hunting. That’s all I’m doing when I go home!

Next: What do you tell kids who ask you how to get to the NFL?

TM: The first thing is you’ve got to take care of your business in the classroom. The second thing is work like you will never get another opportunity to work, every time you get a chance.

—Melissa Bienvenu

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