Heavy Machinery Technician: Ryan Boyce

HIGH SCHOOL: Mandeville High School

AGE: 22

TRAINING: Delgado Community College and on-the-job at Louisiana CAT

DEGREE: Associate’s degree in Applied Science

EMPLOYEE: Louisiana CAT, Prairieville


Perform general and advanced maintenance and repair on any dealer-supplied machine, truck, engine, etc.


• Troubleshoot and repair machines

• Keep a clean and organized work area

• Help other technicians who need assistance

• Do a safety walk multiple times a day to ensure colleagues are performing tasks in a safe manner

You should consider this option if:

• You are good at communication and are organized

• You have a strong work ethic

• You are a problem solver

"What I like most about my job is that we treat each other like family. When one of us has a problem with a task (machine, valves, engines or electrical issues), no one is going to tell you something to steer you in the wrong direction. We look out for one another whether it’s helping with the physical task or making sure everything is done safely. A family never wants to see one another fail or get hurt."

Average salary in Louisiana: $65,000

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