Hot jobs, big salaries

Chemical Engineer

You’re probably dreaming of a career that offers a good job market and a nice standard of living. That’s the idea behind the STAR ratings from the Louisiana Workforce Commission. The stars represent a combination of occupational outlook and wages. 5-star occupations are expected to have lots of openings and pay the highest wages.

Here are some of the highest paid 5-star jobs from the LWC’s occupational projections through 2024, along with typical annual salary and the level of education you need to do them. Keep in mind that half of all top-demand jobs require education beyond high school. Go to to do your own customized search! 



Administrative Services Manager $81,345

Chemical Plant and System Operator $66,108

Registered Nurse $63,370

Chemical Technician $60,221

Occupational Therapy Assistant $58,037



Architectural and Engineering Manager $144,764

Chemical Engineer $111,671

General and Operations Manager $111,119

Financial Manager $101,086

Computer and Information Systems Manager $99,458

Environmental Engineer $97,684

Civil Engineer $94,286

Captain, Mate, or Pilot of Water Vessels $92,827



Nurse Anesthetist $140,979

Nurse Practitioner $98,468

Physician Assistant $92,569

Education Administrator, Postsecondary $88,069

Occupational Therapist $81,508



Family and General Practitioner (Physician) >$187,199

Pharmacist $112,713

Lawyer $105,744

Psychiatrist $135,638

Dentist, General $126,026

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