Scholarships: The search is on

Being tall has its perks–great views in a crowd, not much need for a ladder, etc. But did you know it can also get you a college scholarship? That’s right. If you’re a young woman taller than 5’10” or a young man over 6’2”, you may be eligible. 

Unusual scholarships like this abound. And they’re sometimes rewarded for the most uncommon talents. Everyone knows how versatile duct tape is—think you can create a prom outfit from it? For money? To reward creativity, the Duck Brand company doles out more than $20,000 in scholarship prizes to high school students who make the best prom attire from that sticky stuff we usually use to hold together a blown car hose.

Frequenting or working at your favorite fast food restaurants might also help you pay for college. Stacy Doyal Hunt, director of guidance services at Cedar Creek School in Ruston, said students who patronize (or work for) Burger King, Church’s Fried Chicken, Chick-Fil-A and Taco Bell (to name a few) are encouraged to apply for scholarships that will help them begin their college experiences with fewer financial worries.

Of course, TOPS and academic scholarships should be on everyone’s radar. But it doesn’t hurt to check with your church, your parents’ employers, civic and cultural organizations, your coach, and the clubs at your school.

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United Negro College Fund

Hispanic Scholarship Fund

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Duck Brand Duct Tape Prom Outfit contest

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