What's your career cluster?

What's Your Career Cluster?

In addition to the general types of work shown on the World-of-Work Map, people have specific interests like biology or construction. Interests like these have been grouped into what are called “career clusters.” The term describes education, skills and interests that connect with industries, jobs and career pathways. Louisiana groups careers into these 16 career clusters:

Agriculture, food & natural resources

Typical jobs: Forestry worker, farmer, veterinarian


Architecture & construction

Typical jobs: Contractor, carpenter, welder, architect


Arts, A/V technology & communications

Typical jobs: Graphic designer, journalist, animator, musician


Business management & administration

Typical jobs: Business manager, accountant, purchasing agent


Education & training

Typical jobs: Teacher, school counselor, speech pathologist



Typical jobs: Banker, loan officer, financial adviser


Government & public administration

Typical jobs: Elected official, military officer, emergency planner


Health science

Typical jobs: Nurse, dentist, pharmacist, EMT


Hospitality & tourism

Typical jobs: Chef, restaurant developer/owner, hotel executive


Human services

Typical jobs: Hair stylist, social worker, nonprofit director


Information technology

Typical jobs: Computer programmer, computer security specialist, web designer, network systems engineer


Law, public safety, corrections & security

Typical jobs: Crime scene investigator, firefighter, police officer, lawyer, paralegal

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